Tea Infusiast News, No. 14

February 2024, Winter

Welcome to the February 2024 edition of Tea Infusiast News–a newsletter for tea lovers to connect with and through tea. This is the 14th edition of the newsletter.

In this February 2024 Edition


5 Tips for Attending Tea Festivals

This post shares 5 tips for attending tea festivals–how to prepare, what to bring, and an important thing to plan to do during festivals.

What Is a Tea Festival?

Tea festivals are events open to the public (often requiring attendees to purchase tickets) that feature vendors and artisans (sometimes even producers) who sell tea, teaware, accessories, and related merchandise. They also usually sell tea sweets or other food items.

Additionally, the festivals usually feature tea professionals who offer workshops on topics that range from Tea 101 to specific types of tea, tea and meditation, cooking, history and culture, and so on. They are a great opportunity for tea lovers to try new tea, see teaware, learn, and connect with others.

The USA features a number of tea festivals–including, but not limited to: Chicago Tea Festival, Midwest Tea Festival, Northwest Tea Festival, Pennsylvania Tea Festival, TeaFestPDX, etc. Other countries have tea festivals, too.

(Photo: Me at Tea Fest PDX in July 2022. This festival was held mostly outside in Portland, Oregon. I’ve written before about some of my delightful experiences with tea in Portland in this post, “Tea in the Canyon.”)

Overview of the 5 Tips

After returning from Canada and attending the wonderful Toronto Tea Festival, I reflected on tips for attending tea festivals. Here, I’ve gathered a few–including some from tea friends!

My 5 tips are:

  • Bring empty, refillable bags for tea
  • Bring a backpack or tote
  • Bring a water bottle and a few napkins
  • Eat before you attend
  • Plan breaks

(In this Toronto Tea Festival Photo: Marco from Steap’d, me–Traci from Tea Infusiast, Taniya from YogaTeaPoetry, and Mona from Chai Affairs.)


Protected: February Rest Kit for Tea Lovers

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Tips for Restful Tea Time

This post shares four tips for restful tea time!

Restful tea time can be as simple as bringing your awareness to the present while enjoying a cup of tea.

Or, you can spend some time setting up the experience to make it more intentional and restorative.

There’s no right or wrong way: there’s the way that works best for you on any given day.

I’ve pulled together a few tips and questions to help you customize a restorative tea time that works for you.

Blog Tasting Notes

Herbal Tea Recommendations

This post shares herbal tea recommendations based on flavor profiles that I love.

I’ve always been primarily a non-herbal tea drinker. It took me years to find herbal teas that I really enjoy. In this post, I’m happy to highlight seven that I love.

Herbal teas recommendations: plum blossom, barley sprout, rose, Korean mistletoe, lemon ginger honey, and Persian herbals

Tea Infusiast News, No. 13

January 2024, Winter

Welcome to the January 2024 edition of Tea Infusiast News–a newsletter for tea lovers to connect with and through tea. This is the 13th edition of the newsletter.

In this January 2024 Edition


CommuniTEA Spotlight Retrospective: July – November 2023

Let’s enjoy a CommuniTEA Spotlight Retrospective: July – November 2023!

This post recaps and updates information about members of the tea community featured in my monthly newsletter, Tea Infusiast News, during the second half of 2023.

CommuniTEA Spotlight icons--a flashlight shining at a top down view of a cup of on a black coaster that looks like the letter "C"
Blog Tasting Notes

Teas of 2023

This post shares the wonderful teas of 2023 that my monthly newsletter, Tea Infusiast News, featured in its “What’s Steeping” section.

I paid full price for each of these teas (except one given to me by a friend). In other words, no one is sponsoring this post.*


Why, What, and When of the Boston Tea Party

This post on the why, what, and when of the Boston Tea Party is an update of my first blog post, chosen to go live on the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party in December 2020. Since I have some new ways to format and share information, I thought I would update that original post here!

This post explores:

  • Why spill the TEA? In other words, why did tea become the target of the colonists’ anger?
  • Why were the people involved unable to avert the crisis that led to destroying all that tea?
  • What kind of tea did the colonists throw overboard?
  • When and why did the name of the historical event change to what we use now?

You can find answers to these questions and more, if you read on about the Boston Tea Party. Huzzah!


Tea Infusiast News, No. 12

December 2023, Autumn

Welcome to the December 2023 edition of Tea Infusiast News–a newsletter for tea lovers to connect with and through tea. This is the 12th edition of the newsletter and the second that is appearing here on the website!

Banner that says "Tea Infusiast News." "Connecting with and through Tea."

In this December 2023 Edition