December’s Virtual Tea Table

December’s Virtual Tea Table features tea and rest practices in a new, convenient format–videos that you can practice with at your convenience! Read on for details and how to sign up so you can slow down.

Wouldn’t it feel great to enjoy curated tea and rest sessions–to slow down and move through the month of December with more intention and energy?

Image for December's Virtual Tea Table 2023 featuring a photo of Traci Levy, a white woman with silver hair wearing violet glasses and black clothes, and holding a teacup.

To acknowledge the extra time pressures that December tends to bring, I’m offering a different approach to December’s Virtual Tea Table—my rest practice series for tea lovers.

Instead of VTT synchronous gatherings in December, I’m offering a weekly video to practice with at your convenience!

What the Videos Provide

Put your kettle on, arrange what you need to steep your tea, and grab your journal. The video will guide you through a lovely rest practice.

Each of December’s Virtual Tea Table videos will run about 20-25 minutes and focus on the theme of Seasonal IntentionaliTEA. Videos will include:

  • guided steep and settling activity led by Traci
  • tea rest time with a curated video to relax with
  • journal prompt, plus thematic poem or short reading
  • a way to share any take-aways or experiences with me or others subscribed for that week (optional, of course)

The Schedule and Prices

I will email the videos the first three Mondays in December—the 4th, 11th, and 18th.

You can enjoy these tea and rest practices for only:

$6 USD  per week

$15 USD for all three weeks

Image for December's Virtual Tea Table. It features a photo that shows the hands of a person pouring tea from a clay teapot into a  mug on a wooden table.

Sign up for as many weeks of this month’s Virtual Tea Table as you like. You’ll enjoy the per week discount if you sign up for all three weeks.

Sign Up to Slow Down

Think about it. Wouldn’t it be lovely to enjoy curated tea and rest sessions–to slow down and move through the month with more intention and energy?

Curious why I created a tea and rest practice series? In this post, I share some of the inspiration behind this series.

Through December 2023, Traci donates 10% of Virtual Tea Table proceeds to a nonprofit. Caring Across Generations advocates for U.S. public policies to better support caregivers and their families.

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