I Led My First In-Person Tea Event!

Last weekend, I led my first in-person tea event!

I’ve offered dozens of online events over the past few years–many solo, some collaborations. These online offerings have included my Virtual Tea Table series, Build Your Own Rest Practice workshop, Story of a Teacup, and so on.

Last weekend, I was very excited to finally lead an in-person tea event. I ran a workshop, “Tea as a Gateway to Mindfulness.”

Traci Levy (AKA Tea Infusiast), a white woman with shoulder length silver hair, holding a microphone as she is leading a tea event.

Background of Teaching with Tea

Bowl tea--cream colored bowl with scalloped edges containing loose leaf black tea and water.

As someone who teaches (outside of tea) for a living, and has done so for decades, I’m used to teaching in person. But, it’s different offering a tea workshop in person. In my other teaching life, for example, I don’t have to worry about hot water, thermal carafes, packets of tea, teaware, etc.

Although content is incredibly important, so is pedagogy–or how we teach what we know. Thankfully, I could draw on my teaching experience AND had excellent preparation from completing the Being Tea Teacher Training for Educators in 2022! (Thank you to my fantastic teacher, Sooz Hammond!) The Tea Teacher Training came in very handy–particularly the material on inclusive teaching and logistics.  

And, this is where I also give a shout out to my talented friend and fellow Being Tea Teacher Training graduate, Taniya Gupta of YogaTeaPoetry. In January, I watched Taniya offer a brilliant in-person class at the Toronto Tea Festival. Seeing that and supporting her a bit behind the scenes there also helped me better understand how to prepare.

Event Support

As I prepared to lead my first in-person tea event, I was lucky to work with the kind people at the synagogue.

Sisterhood’s co-presidents Carol and Leslie were very helpful and communicative. Other members of the synagogue’s team really lightened my responsibilities, too. For example, the marketing specialist, Hayley, created a beautiful flyer (shown here) and handled registrations. Also, a fellow synagogue member, David, provided technical support. He set up the mic, connected my laptop, and made sure those elements worked smoothly. 

Tea as a Gateway to Mindfulness Flyer featuring Traci Levy. Designed by Hayley Di Rico.

In addition to the support from the synagogue, I was really touched that my daughter and two of her friends offered to help me! Clara, Nicole, and Brooke saved me a lot of time and stress by fanning out across the auditorium and setting the tables with the cloth napkins, tea, journal cards, pens, and carafes. They were also available to replace carafes, help with opening tea packets, and more. While they were working on the table settings, I was heating water and filling carafes! And, while I was guiding the workshop, it was a relief to know that they were handy to offer support.

The In-Person Event Experience

As for the actual event, I opened it by introducing myself and briefly explaining “why tea and mindfulness.” Then, I led people through a tea and mindfulness experiences, including a guided steep.

Finally, I invited people to share their experience and questions. We spoke about how they could customize this practice and make it their own. It’s always delightful to see how people react and what they ask. I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with everyone and leading this in-person event. I felt great energy in the room and was still buzzing with happiness after packing up afterwards.

Thoughts on Future Tea Offerings

I still love offering tea content online. I’m so grateful for how online spaces have allowed me to connect with delightful tea lovers. I’ve interacted with people from across the US, Canada, and even further afield. At the moment, I’m particularly excited about my online Spring Rest Kit for Tea Lovers. It goes live toward the end of March. Registration is open now.

Spring Rest Kit for Tea Lovers: Photo of brown ombre teacup on a blue and white piece of fabric sitting on a tea chest

I’m also enthusiastic about offering more in-person events on Long Island and/ or in New York City. (Then, maybe at tea festival one day!) I’ll be drawing up some in-person options to add to the website soon.

Since my inspiration is to connect people with and through tea, my offerings will reflect this. Initially, I’ll probably start with two choices. One offering will center on tea and mindfulness with customizable themes. Another will be a variation of my Story of a Teacup series. In those events, I coach and facilitate people to share stories about a piece of teaware that is special to them. We also bond will enjoying tea together. It’s incredible the magic that can unfold as we share these heartfelt stories in communiTEA.

Speaking of hearts, mine is full. I’m looking forward to connecting with more people at future events!

All the photos of the tea and mindfulness event on this page, except the one of me with my daughter and her friends, were taken by Hayley Di Rico. Used with permission. Thanks, Hayley!

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