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MoTeaVate: Focus Words

Vision boards, mantras, focus words. Some years I have ignored these New Year resolutions and trends. They didn’t feel authentic to me. I felt very differently in 2021. So, this year, I choose four words to help focus and inspire my choices. These motivational words, speaking as as a devoted tea drinker, MoTeaVate me to think harder about how to live better. Since “create” is one of my words, I challenged myself to make an image for each of my words in January.

I posted them on my @teainfusiast account on Instagram each Monday (AKA #MoTeaMon, or MoTeaVate Monday) in January and gathered the posts, here, to share in one convenient gallery.

MoTeaVate: image shows a cup and saucer with pebbles underneath, each with a letter that spells the word "create"

I enjoyed the process of creating these photos. It really helped me focus on, and think more deeply about, what my MoTeaVate words mean and how I might visually represent them. Here, then, are my 2021 focus words and images: clarify, connect, create, and nourish.

Do any of these words speak to you? If not these, what words MoTeaVate you in 2021? I’d love to hear your moTeaVate and focus words! Please share in the comments.

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8 replies on “MoTeaVate: Focus Words”

Thank you so much! I am lucky to have a family member who inspired and invited me to go deeper this year. 🙂

I resonate with all of your words and for me this year these 7 words are a prevailing part of my vocal and internal thought processes: Wisdom, Understanding, Faith, Inspire, Encourage, Enlighten and Gratitude…Thank you so much for sharing your words of focus❣️

Tammy: What beautiful words you have chosen! “Encourage” really resonated extra with me. Thank you for commenting and sharing.

Thank you so much, Lauren! I appreciate you taking the time to say something so kind!

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