MoTEAvational Quotes for Overthinkers +

As we near the end of one year or begin a new one, I reach for motivational quotes to inspire me to think about how I have grown or hope to grow in the year ahead. I feel so lucky when I hear ideas that really resonate. I know this practice may seem cheesy, but if some quotes are motivational for you, why feel sheepish about it? In this blog post, I share a handful of my favorite moTEAvational quotes for overthinkers (and more).

Brene Brown quote inside a cup of tea that speaks to overthinking. The quote: "How much we know ourselves is extremely important, but how we treat ourselves is the most important."

This year, I have experimented with pairing some of these thoughts with my tea photos. Placing the words in this medium has been a fun creative challenge. It has also helped me more deeply absorb the ideas. I hope you’ll find them helpful, too!

Do you tend to overthink? I do! The quote from Brené Brown (above) and Ram Dass (below) on that issue really strike home for me. Deepening my mindfulness practice has really helped me more often jump off the gerbil wheel of unproductive mental thoughts. I’m excited to see what going even deeper brings this year, too.

Are you prone to falling into a time-scarcity mentality and struggling to prioritize time for rest and fun. Guess who else is? Me! The quotes in the photos from Sooz Hammond and Jenni Antonicic, below, serve as gentle reminders to slow down.

I hope you enjoyed these moTEAvational quotes for overthinkers and more. If you found these images interesting, you might enjoy my earlier post with other “MoTEAvational Quotes.” I would love to know if you write down any motivational quotes and, if so, which are resonating with you lately. I invite you to share in the comments.

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Here is an antidote for overthinking – from Sen no Rikyu.

“Tea is not but this.
First you make the water boil,
Then infuse the tea.
Then you drink it properly.
That is all you need to know.”

Hope this helps………. and happy new year! Bit late for the western one but early for Chinese, Nepali and Jewish new years.

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