Tea that Evokes a Non-Tea Memory

Have you ever sipped a tea that evokes a non-tea memory? It’s not uncommon for a specific tea to evoke a memory of a previous time or occasion when I have enjoyed it. Lipton, for example, will always remind me of growing up and having tea with my family. Black currant tea immediately takes me back to my bridal shower and that exciting time in my life. But, that’s not the kind of memory I’m exploring here.

Big and beautiful Qi Yun #23 leaves on the side of my tea bowl.

Has tea ever evoked a memory of something not related to drinking tea? Has the aroma or flavor of a tea ever transported you to a non-tea memory? There are two teas that consistently provide me delightful non-tea memories of childhood.

Tea and a Memory of a Happy Pony

The first tea is Roam, a loosely-compressed Dian Hong (black tea) from Crimson Lotus.* The first time I explored the flavor and aroma of that tea, I was flooded with a memory that I hadn’t thought about in decades. Growing up, we lived in a semi-rural area. We had a pony, Rusty, for several years. We were able to give Rusty a scoop of these oats every day. I used to love to do it. When I opened the container, it smelled so good. And, I loved the feel and sound of plunging the metal scoop into the mix. Since Rusty loved munching on the oats, I also knew I was about to make him happy, too. Every time I smell Roam, I think of our pony and that happy feeling.

Memory of a reddish brown and white pony with a fluffy mane.
I don’t have any photos of Rusty. He looked very similar to this pony, but slimmer.

Cotton Sheets in the Summer Sun

Another tea that evokes a wonderful non-tea memory for me is Qi Yun #23, a Taiwanese white tea from The Steeping Room.* This tea’s aroma and flavor immediately transport me to my grandparents’ backyard–specifically, to my Nana’s white and pastel cotton sheets drying on the clothesline in the hot summer sun. I can remember being a child and walking through the rows of hanging sheets in the summer, slowly inhaling the aroma of sunshine on clean cotton and luxuriating in the coolness of the damp sheets. This memory unlocks times as a child that I was fully present, immersed in the moment, and happy. A cup of tea can be so magical! I would love to know if you have had similar experiences. Let me know in the comments if so!

Memory of flowered cotton sheets hanging on a clothes line.
We never thought to take a photo of Nana’s clothesline.
This photo reminds me of it.

But, her clothesline would have rows of sheets I could walk between.

Besides the memories tea leaves can unlock, I also love exploring how our teaware can evoke and sustain memories. I’ve written about that here, explaining the inspiration for my Story of a Teacup series. Stay tuned if hearing teaware stories interest you. I am planning to offer another Story of a Teacup event in November 2023.

*I paid full price for the teas that I mention above. This post is not sponsored.

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